عن كلية النيل

تعود ملكية كلية النيل الى مجموعة النيل للتعليم العالى (NHEG) المحدودة. تأسست الشركة عام 2003 م على يد مجموعة من الاساتذة ذو الاعتراف الوطنى و الدولى على حد سواء، ولهم مهام استشارية على المستوى القومى والدولى .

تضع كلية النيل فى اعتبارها التغييرات  السريعة فى المشهد العلمى  والتطورات الاقتصادية والاجتماعية الهائلة فى السودان، ركزت رؤيتنا على الحاجة الملحة لتحقيق "جودة التعليم العالى".

تهدف (NHEG) الى توفير القيادة الاكاديمية القوية والمهنية فى جميع المساعى المؤسسية. نحن ندرك ان…

This is a strange title for a science student, or any student for that matter. It does not relate to science directly but it relates to life in general. If you ask what is the most important habit of successful people?, many would say “TIME MANAGEMENT “and most would stop there. To manage time you need “Time Alone”. Time alone means you cut out all distracters.
Most of the time distractors are people. If you are…

The team of assessors of (ToA) appointed by the Sudan medical Council visited Nile College during 28th & 29th Sept2017.

The Schedule of the visit included discussions on the 9 Domains used by the SMC for Accreditation of Medical Schools.

The ToA also inspected the teaching and learning facilities.

Nile College welcomed their positive and objective discussions and comments on the Medical curriculum and aspects of social responsibility…

Dear students




Nile College will be participating in universities exhibition of Najah Abu Dhabi 25-27th October 2017. It's an interesting opportunity to advocate for the university through your great activities as well as the university educational environment.


One of the activities is to compete for awards in different areas. 

Nile College will compete through voting from current and alumni students on " outstanding contribution to the local community".