About NC

Nile College is the nucleus and fastest growing point of ‘Nile University,’ an initiative spearheaded by Nile Higher Education Group (NHEG), Ltd.  NHEG was founded in 2003 by a group of nationally and internationally recognized professors who hold consultant posts both in the Sudan and abroad.

Bearing in mind the fast changes in the educational scene and colossal socio-economic developments in the Sudan, our vision focused on addressing the pressing need for 'Quality Higher Education' in…

The order of these comments has no significance, it was just the sequence in which I visited the exhibitions,

Information Technology:

Students did a good job in the layout, lighting & posters. The demonstrations set up by students were well thought out & the presentations showed good knowledge & the spirit of putting information systems to…

Nile College celebrates its 10 years anniversary and invites Nile College graduates, Colleges , Universities to participate in the ceremony on 22-7-2017 to 24/7/2017 on Nile college campus

The program includes several paragraphs scientific lectures and cultural exhibitions, exhibitions of traditional and fine arts.

Nile College is a leading college committed to the international quality in the educational environment and international standards in higher education .

If I have to talk about Nile University, a whole book won't be enough but I am going to tell little things you should know about this college.

When I got admission into Nile College in 2010 to study Medical Information Systems (Diploma) for three years, I didn't want to stay, I wanted to go to other university, I thought, why should I stay in a college when there are lot of universities around but something…