Sudanese Culture

Nile College offers a course on Sudanese Culture which is unique in both its objectives and its methods.  It is a required course for all students.  The faculty also welcomes the Nile College community in its entirety to expand their knowledge of Sudanese Culture by voluntary participation in and attendance of the course. 

The course is delivered by a roster of guest lecturers and some of staff members representing distinguished scholars, authors, and experts in various fields pertaining to the culture of Sudan.  It is intended to be a survey course, sparking the interest of students in the arts and social sciences, generally, and the heritage of Sudan, specifically.  Additionally, it is hoped that the course serves as a forum to all interested – students, staff and faculty alike – to recognize and discuss their own role in consuming and creating ‘Sudanese Culture.’

Students are required to attend lectures, complete specific readings, and write a brief report on each lecture topic. Additionally, they are required to visit three sites or places of cultural or historical significance and write a synopsis thereon.  Finally, students are required to write a 5-10 page research paper on a relevant topic of their choice.  The publications available for consultation in the Sudan Culture Library will prove helpful to these ends.