The order of these comments has no significance, it was just the sequence in which I visited the exhibitions,

Information Technology:

Students did a good job…

Nile College celebrates its 10 years anniversary and invites Nile College graduates, Colleges , Universities to participate in the ceremony on 22-7-2017 to 24/7/2017 on Nile college campus

The program includes several paragraphs scientific lectures and cultural exhibitions, exhibitions of traditional and fine arts.

If I have to talk about Nile University, a whole book won't be enough but I am going to tell little things you should know about this college.

When I got admission into Nile College in 2010 to study Medical Information Systems (Diploma) for three years,…

Nile College is Center for Electronic Submission of Universities starting from 8/07/2017.

for more information’s contact: 0961111212 – 0961099099 – 0155661000


Nile College Congratulates the successful students in Sudanese certificate and other certificates .

Nile College offers programs of :

  • Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (70,000 SDG)
  • Bachelor of Dentistry (60,000 SDG)
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy (50,000 SDG)
  • Bachelor of Medical Laboratory…

Nursing Programme Second Third Fourth Year Result Now online


Nile College librarian announces the inauguration of two branches of libraries, the first one (The Information Technology and Management) located on the 2nd floor of No2 building,

The Second is the Museum library containing Textboxes and Atlases of Anatomy and Pathology and has its E-library…

Schedule of lectures in Human Biology (MD BIO-121)

MB BS, First Year

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Dentistry ,  Management & Health Information Systems , Business Management & Accounting  , Nursing , ,Pharmacy 

Result Now online


time table  & Calendars  at the links below

Pharmacy Program Students all Lectures will be in Research Centre Building

 * Medicine Program


* Pharmacy Program


* Dentistry Program