Fees & Finance

Rules for Payment of Fees
* Payment of registration fees is due on admission.
* For First year students, one half of the tuition fees are to be paid within 7 days of admission.
* Fees for second year and higher shall be paid within two weeks of the beginning of each semester.
* Students will be issued with valid IDs upon registration and payment of the tuition fees.
Students who do not have valid IDs will not be permitted to attend classes & will be considered absent.
* Candidates who do not clear their dues within the specific periods, and those who are
absent for more than 25% of classes will not be eligible to sit for the end-of-semester
examinations (see also general examinations regulations).
* Fees paid are non-refundable after two weeks of registration.
* Fees are, from time to time, subject to revisionby the authorities of NC  .

Educational Fees  for the Academic year  2016 - 2017      (see also Admissions Policy & Regulations)


   Fees in SDG

   Fees in USD

    MBBS (Medicine)

     48 000


    BDS (Dentistry)

     45 000


    B Pharm (Pharmacy)

     35 000


    BSc Medical Laboratory Sciences

     22 000


    BSc Nursing

     15 000


    BSc Management Information Systems

    BSc Health Information Systems





    BSc Business Management & Accounting

       7 000



* Payment in US dollars is an option for Sudanese abroad, mainly to facilitate bank transfer.
* For More information please contact:
   +249 123445145, Finance Department.

Excellence Benefits

* Applicants to the 1st year with an aggregate of (90%) or more in their school
certificate will be granted a scholarship of 50%.

* Those with (85-89.9%) will receive 25% reduction of fees and (80-84.9%) will receive 12.5% reduction of fees.
* Students who score top marks at the end of the year will be granted a 50% reduction
of their usua I fees for the following year.
Nile College reserves its right to amend these benefits from time to time.


Nile College offers discounts for applicants based on the following criteria:

* If two or more siblings are admitted in the same academic year, tuition fees will be reduced by 15% for each one.

* If a new sibling is admitted with another sibling, who is a Nile College student, the tuition fees will be reduced by 25% for the new sibling.