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The objectives of the Library are to:
- Support and facilitate the research, learning and teaching activities of the College by Organizing, Maintaining and providing an access to the appropriate literature and information resources in such way as to provide optimum benefits for Library users.
- Provide a comfortable environment, accommodation and facilities for the use of the Library resources and for the individual and group study.

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Enquiry services: This service is a comprehensive facility for the college community providing professional help, advice and information on any topic originating from any member of the staff and students and to external enquiries as well
Borrowing from the library: Staff members and students of the college are entitled to borrow their references from library. Durations of loan is two weeks for the staff and three days for students.
Photocopying: Library users can make use of the photocopying machine that is available for the purpose of making photocopies of some of the library references need to be photocopied.

• e-Library
Nile College E-Library is being prepared to be accessible online for students and staff.
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Email: library@nileuniversity-edu.com
Tel: +249 155661000