Welcome to the E-Library

The Electronic Library is a collection of materials (text, images, video, etc.), stored in digital format, which can be accessed via several means. The E-Library features links to a large number of magazines, databases, and scientific publications including full text resources in fields such as Medicine, Medical Laboratory Sciences, Computer Information Systems, Dentistry, Nursing and Pharmacy.

Library Goals

  • Provide access to organized electronic information sources and facilitate their use by faculty members, researchers, students, and specialists
  • Build a digital presence for Nile College, keeping pace with technological developments in the electronic publishing industry
  • Assist faculty, researchers, and others to quickly retrieve information within Nile College’s digital environment
  • Share the sources of electronic information amongst the members of the Digital Library
  • Print and download all academic and research references that are available in the library

Library Rules

Please maintain silence inside the library at all times

Eating, drinking and smoking are strictly prohibited inside the library

It is not permitted to reconfigure anything within the library, be it electronic (USB connections, computer mice, keyboards, etc.) or furniture

It is prohibited to use of any type of external memory with library computers

The computers are for study-related purposes only

There is a competent employee on alert at all times in case of any defect or malfunction in the hardware or network


Sudan open university (EBSCOHost Data Base)


http //www.who.int/hinari/en/(HINARI Programme)

Magazines and Scientific journals academy


Academic Journals

American Thoracic Society

Academic Medicine-USA

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