Staff Publication

Staff Publications

We welcome and support the research interests of young scientists and are open to innovative approaches in education and health services, in particular those related to issues in developing countries. As part of its efforts to promote research, the University is constructing a dedicated Medical Research Center at its Medical Campus, which already hosts the College of Medicine and Health Sciences and the University Hospital. Below are the links of each department staff publications:

Medicine :

  1. Professor Mohamed Yousif Sukar -- number of papers (17)
  2. Professor Adbulrahman Mohamed Musa-- number of papers (5)
  3. Professor Amal Mahmoud Saeed
  4. Professor Suliman Salah Fadil
  5. Professor Abdaltif Ashmaig


  1.  Professor. Elsheikh Ali Elobeid Talib-- number of papers (19)
  2.  Asim Halfawi Shargi Adam-- number of papers (8)
  3. Humeida Ali El- Obeid-- number of papers (6)
  4. Cathrine Victor
  5. Samrin Khalil


  1. Dr.Ayman A.Muttalib Ali Ahmed-- number of papers (7)
  2. Dr.Nada Mirghani Snhouri


Medical Laboratories Science:

  1. Professor Nasr Aldin Bilal Mohamed -- number of papers (6)
  2. Dr. Diaeldin Ahmed Salih

Computer System& Information Technology :

Dr.Nadir Kamal Salih(17)
  • Dr.Mohamed Abaza(1)
  •  Business Management & Accounting:

    1. Professor Osman Hasan Saeed-- number of papers (13)

       Foundation Courses:

    Dr. Omer Mohamed AbdallaElhag