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  • Background

    Nile University is the nucleus and fastest growing point of ‘Nile College,’ an initiative spearheaded by Nile Higher Education Group (NHEG), Ltd. NHEG was founded in 2003 by a group of nationally and internationally recognized professors who hold consultant posts both in the Sudan and abroad.

    The main thrust of the Educational Processes aim at what the acronym QCCC, which stands for: Quality, Competence, Confidence & Culture. Spelled out in more eloquent terms we aim at provision of Quality education with three major purposes in mind: first, Professional competence of our graduates who should have acquired personal as well as professional Confidence.

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  • Nile University is a private institution of higher learning, which draws on age-old traditions of higher education in the Sudan. The pioneering Khartoum University College & the University of Khartoum upheld those traditions for more than half a century. The ideals of integrity, excellence and relevance were high on their list. It is the vision of Nile University to uphold these ideals as well as to pursue innovative goals both in direction and method.
    The threshold of the twenty-first century is witnessing dynamic change in various technological and socio-economic sectors. These developments are expected to exert new demands on the resources of existing and future institutions of higher education, not only in numbers but also in the quality of education and training. It is the vision of Nile University to contribute to national socio- economic development through promotion of services, education and manpower development.
    Optimum employment of educational and professional manpower will require an attractive working environment and conditions of service. It is the vision of Nile College to contribute to attracting highly qualified personnel, especially in the fields of health services undergraduate and graduate education.

  • The mission of Nile University is dedication to community development through sound policies, provision of high quality educational & service resources as well as upholding multicultural values & heritage.

    This mission centres on quality management of services in education health care, research & socio-cultural development. This will apply to all the programs and projects of Nile University, the forerunner of Nile University. In particular our mission should translate as follows:
    • Educational and services resources will be managed with a new outlook towards maintenance of quality and continuous improvement.
    • Educational programs will attend to upholding cultural values based on the realization that, in developing countries, multicultural heritage and ethnic diversity are both a strength and a weakness.

  • Great Career Outcomes

    With more than 10000 students graduated from Nile University, those leaders are now on several highest locations jobs around the globe. We ensure that the education ladder meets the new & the competitive market place to boost Sudan economy.

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Vision of Nile University

The mission of Nile University is dedication to community development through sound policies, provision of high quality educational & service resources as well as upholding multicultural value & heritage.

Mission of Nile University

1- Quality Management of educational programs & services.
2- Participation in community development & promoting the principles of social responsibility.
3- providing educational programs of international students.
4- Using learning experience aiming at personal & professional development.
5- Supporting scientific research.
6- Upholding social values & multicultural heritage.