A team of specialised academicians in different areas of management, such as Human Resources, Strategic Management, Marketing, Production and Operations Management, Total Quality Management, Project Management, Economics, Accounting, Finance, Information Technology Mathematics) was formed to design the program of Business Administration.

The team reflects different background views and expertise to stimulate and enrich an outcome of high quality.

  • The new programme of Business Administration & Accounting and Finance is a four year (eight semesters) programme
  • There are two specialications for the time being, the two specialications are “Business Administration Specialication” and “ Accounting and Finance Specialication”
  • The prerequisites of the Ministry of Higher Education in the first two years of the program (four semesters) , courses of the two Specialications will be offered in semesters seven & eight
  • The curriculum aims to add new dimensions in the study of business studies academically and professionally

Subgroups of experienced teachers took the responsibility for preparing the detailed course outlines according to the format provided by Nile College, each course was given a code, which consists of three numbers, the first number from the left indicates the year and the other two are the course number, the courses include:

  • Ministry of Higher Education requirement courses amount to 15% of total credit hours.
  • Faculty courses amount to 63% of the total credit hours.

The methods of instruction applied are:

  • The lecture method will be used judiciously
  • Tutorials and student lead seminars
  • Assignments
  • Practical Exercises
  • Workplace assignment and training