Nile College has now celebrated its 8th anniversary by graduating the 2nd batch of graduates in the MB BS 6 yr. program. I am happy to say that some of our graduates have already entered into graduate study programs abroad. Nile College will spare no effort to realize its mission. We are already attracting students from neighboring countries as well as Sudanese working abroad. To learn more about Nile College see the page on prospectus. Finally I would like to convey to our website visitor that Nile College is due to be promoted to Nile University by a parliament decree according to the regulations of the Ministry of Higher Education; where NC is held in high regard.

Now that Nile College has been recognized by National authorities to have attained the National requirements, of University status, we congratulate all students, faculty and supporting staff for the high performance which culminated in this great achievement.

Special appreciation is due to those whose efforts went into preparation of reports and supporting documents submitted to the Ministry of Higher Education. (M. of H. E.)

I take this opportunity to thank God for emerging Safely from the turbulent events that lead to the reestablishment of Democracy in Sudan & for guiding us to take wise decisions to put the safety of our students as our top priority.

I wish our students and staff all the success they deserve.

Professor M.Y. Sukkar

M.B., B.S.  Khartoum

Ph. D   Edinburgh