General Examination Regulations

The following are the General examination Regulations which apply to all Degree and diploma programs. Special regulations for the Diploma final examinations will be separately.

 1- Eligibility to enter semester & final examinations:

1- The student must satisfy the attendance requirement of at least 75% of the approved courses and training periods.

2- Practical, field work portfolios and assignments must be completed and submitted.

3-  All fees must be paid before students are allowed to sit for final examinations held at the end of each semester.

4-  A student who is required by College Board to discontinue for academic reasons is allowed to sit as an external student once at the end of the first or second year only.

5- A student who is required to discontinue during subsequent years may be allowed to sit as an external student for only one chance. Any other chances are left to the discretion of the College Board.

6- An external student is required to sit for all the courses in the final examination  immediately following the one he/she sat for

7- An external student who passes 50% or more of the credit hour equivalents shall be eligible to sit for a supplementary examination.

8- The faculty board at its discretion may offer the student one final chance to sit as an external student.

2- The Examiners:

2-1 All examiners shall be approved by the College Board or by the Dean on behalf of College Board at least one month before the date of the examination.

2-2 There shall be one external and one or more internal examiners for each course in the phase and final examinations.

2-3 The academic status of the external examiner should not be less than an associate professor in the basic sciences.

2-4 In the clinical departments the external should have no less than ten years experience after specialization.

3- Examination Schedules:

1- Final course examinations shall be held at the end of each semester.

2- Examinations for continued courses shall be scheduled at least two weeks before the final examination.

3- Examination time-tables shall be drawn by the examinations committee and submitted to the Dean at least two months before the date of the examination.

4- All examination time-tables shall be approved by the College   Board or by the Dean on behalf of the College Board.

5-  Examination time-tables shall be announced at least four weeks    before the dates of examination.

4- Promotion:

1- End of semester examinations are considered final for completed courses of that semester or counted as part of the continuous assessment for courses that continue for more than one semester.

2- Phase or final examinations may contain up to 25% of course material of previous semesters.

3- To be promoted to the following year or phase the student must pass all the final examinations of both semesters.

4- In special cases student may take an oral examination.

5- Supplementary & substitute examinations:

1- To be eligible for entry to the supplementary examination a student must have passed at least half the courses of that year.

2- All supplementary examinations for semester I & II shall be held at least one month after the final examinations of the second semester at the end of each year.

3- A student who absents himself/herself from taking part or all of an examination, without prior notification of acceptable reasons, will be considered to have failed in that examination and will not be allowed to sit for a substitute examination.

4- Substitute examinations will be held once within two weeks after the missed examination.

5- Students must pass all supplementary and/or substitute examinations before promotion to the next phase or year.

6- Repetition:

1-  A first year student who fails in more than 75% of credit hour equivalents or   more of the combined semesterI & II courses will be advised to discontinue.

2- A 1st year student who fails in more than 50% of credit hour equivalents shall repeat the year.

3- A student who fails in more than 50% of credit hour equivalents of the courses of a subsequent year shall repeat the year.

4- A student, who repeats the year, is required to attend and to sit for all the courses of both semesters.

5- A student who fails in one supplementary examination shall repeat the year unless it is otherwise decided by the Faculty Board for a given course.

6- A student will not be allowed to repeat a year more than once in the first three years of a six year programme or the first two years of a programme of a lesser duration in subsequent year.  

7- The Final examination:

1- Candidates should satisfy the examiners in the theory, clinical and practical   parts of the examination independently.

2- All supplementary examinations for the final degree subjects will be held within 3  months after the final examination.

3- The special regulations for all other degrees and diplomas will state the timing and form of the final examination

8- The scoring & grading systems:

1-Final scores, grades & prizes should be approved by the College Board on recommendation of examination committee.

2-The scoring system shall be criterion referenced.

3-Continuous assessment should receive 20 to 30% of the total marks for a given course.

4-Distribution of marks between the theory & practical should be weighted by    each department according to the objectives of the course & approved by the   Faculty Board upon the recommendation of the curriculum committee.

5-The final scores of all courses shall be reported to the registrar’s office out of 100 & to the Faculty Board as grades.

6- All  scores shall be approximated to whole digits with no fractions.

7- Results shall be presented to the Faculty Board in the forms of grades A to D or for students who pass the examination and F for those who fail.

8- The  Transcript of the degree will show only the grade & score equivalent.

9- The  Grading system and equivalent scores are:

A =               Distinction:                             80% and more

B =               Very good:                              70 – 79%

C =               Good:                                      60-69%

D =                Pass.                                      50 – 59%

F =                Fail:                                       less than 50%