List of SCI publications in Journals

  1. HASSAN ALI , YI LI , GUI ZHEN ZHANG, E TAL: Identification of suitable reference genes for gene expression studies using Real-time quantitative PCR in lung cancer in vitro; Journal name: Molecular medicine report; Status: In press.
  2. AHMED ALI HA, DIJ, MEIW, ZHANG YC, LIYI, etal. Antitumor Activity of lentivirus-mediated Interleukin -12 Gene Modified Dendritic cells in human lung cancer in vitro[J],Asian Pacific Cancer Prevention:APJCP,2014,15(2):611-6. Status: Published.
  3. Qiwei YANG,HASSAN ALI , etal: Evaluation and Validation of Suitable Control Genes for Real-Time Quantitative PCR Studies in Pregnant Plasma DNA Journal name: International Journal of Molecular medicine IJMM 1681-1687,2014 Status: Published
  4. Qiwei YANG, Xiuying Li HASSAN ALI Evaluation of Suitable control Genes for Real –Time Quantitative PCR Studies in Maternal Plasma Cell Free DNA, ; Journal name: Molecular medicine report; Status: Published..
  5. HAMID ASI, ,ZHANG Y, ALI HA, ZHANG G Recombinant human decorin up-regulates p57KIP2 expression in HepG2 hepatoma cell line. [J] Mol Med Rep.2013 Aug; 8(2):511-6 Status: Published.
  6. HASSAN ALI, YI LI, GUI ZHEN ZHANG, etal: MicroRNA Let-7a-1 inhibits growth of lung cancer by down regulation of c-myc in vitro. Journal name: Asian Pacific Cancer Prevention, Status: Under review.
  7. HASSAN ALI, YI LI, GUI ZHEN ZHANG, etal : MicroRNA 34a inhibits growth of lung cancer by   down regulation of bcl-2 in vitro. Journal name: Onco target and therapy, Status: Under review.

Scientific International meetings :

  1. The basics & concepts of education and teaching methods,Nile Valley University (September 2007).
  2. Research proposal –Development, Ministry of higher Education and scientific research. Committee of medical& health science and general directorate of training in collaboration with Nile Valley University (from 27-10 to 6-11 2007)
  3. Pre –Conference Workshop on Small Group Teaching (Khartoum University Soba hospital  March 21-23 ,2007)
  4. Pre –Conference Workshop on Making, The Best Use of one –hour lecture (Soba university Hospital  March 21-23,2007)
  5. The second International Conference on medical education in the Sudan (Friendship Hall-Khartoum-March 26-2007)
  6. Molecular Workshop on the Evolutionary of Drug Resistance in Plasmodium Falciparum. (From 13/1/2007 to 18/1/2007) .Tropical Medicine Research Institute.
  7. Pre –Conference Workshop on Safety in The Clinical Laboratories  (Khartoum- November 24- 26-2007)
  8. Pre –Conference Workshop on Quality Assurance In The clinical Laboratories (Khartoum- November 24- 26-2007)
  9. Pre –Conference Workshop on Molecular Diagnosis of leishmania Infection (Khartoum- November 24- 26-2007)
  10. Course on Research Methodology (From 18 to23 November/ 2006), Educational Development Center for medical &Health Professions, Faculty of Medicine, University of Khartoum.


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