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Symposia paper presentations

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  4. Preparation of ferritin immunogen and raising of antiserum for immunoradiometric assay (2003). 2nd International conference on chemistry and its applications. Doha, Qatar
  5. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) and Alpha feto-protein (AFP) in Sudanese Pregnant Women Using Immunoradiometric Assay ( 2004). 7th Arab conference on the Peaceful uses of Atomic Energy.Sanaa, Yemen
  6. Reproductive Hormones Disorders of Sudanese females ( 2004). 7th Arab Conference on the Peaceful uses of Atomic Energy Sanaa, Yemen.
  7. Local Production of Luteinizing Hormone Antisera to be used in Radioimmunoassay Technique (12/2004). 7th Arab Conference on the Peaceful uses of Atomic Energy Sanaa Yemen.
  8. Evaluation of hollow fiber and miniPERM bioreactors as an alternative to murine ascites for small scale monoclonal antibody production ( 2006). Eighth Arab Conference on the Peaceful uses of Atomic Energy, Amman, Jordan.
  9. Investigations on natural and synthetic compounds as immunosuppressive agents; role in transplant control ( 2011). Department of Chemistry Jinnah University for Women,Karachi Pakistan.


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