Published Papers/Books:


  1. Alfadil SM & M.Y. Sukkar ;  Creating a supportive & sustainable environment for basic medical education: The experience of Nile College, Khartoum , Sudan ,Int.J. Sudan Research, volume 6, No 2, 2015, pp 123-128.
  2. Abdelrahman SH, Malik AM, Mahamadani AA, Mohamed ME, Alfadil SM, Elhassan TD, Ahmed HS; Teaching of major communicable diseases in Sudanese medical schools: a critical look –EMHJ, 2012 March, 18(3):265-73.
  • Abdelrahman, Samira; Al Fadil, Sumaia; Reaching out and Partnering in the Sudan through Integrated Community-Oriented Teaching; Metropolitan Universities, v22 n2 p143-152 2011.
  1. Henry Silverman, Babiker Ahamed, Samar Ajilet, Sumaia AL-Fadil , Suahil L AL-Amad, Hadir EL-Desouky, Ibrahim  EL-Gendy, Mohamed EL-Guindi, Mustafa  EL-Nimeri, Rana Muzaffar  and  Azza  Saleh ;curriculum guide for reaserch ethics workshops for countries in the middlle east; Developing World Bioethics ISSN 1471-8731 (print); 1471-8847 (online)
  2. H. AbdelRahman, I.M. Albashir, S.A. Hussein, M.E. Ahmed, S.M. Alfadil and N. Mohamed; Basic development needs programmes and the effect of medical students’ interventions to  promote child health in Sudan;   Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal, Vol. 13, No. 6, 2007
  3. H. AbdelRahman1 and S.M. Alfadil2; Introducing the IMCI Community Component into the curriculum of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Gezira; ; Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal, Vol. 14, No. 3, 2008
  • Sumaia Mohammed Al FadilI, 1; Samira Hamid Abd AlrahmanII; Simon CousensIII; Flavia BustreoIV; Ahmed ShadoulV; Suzanne FarhoudVI; Samia Mohamed El Hassan Integrated Management of Childhood Illnesses strategy: compliance with referral and follow-up recommendations in Gezira State, Sudan. World Health Organization Bulletin vol.81 issue no.10 Geneva Oct. 2003.


Co-author in several locally produced  training  material  & manuals for different programmes under PHC including IMCI pre-service education for medical  students and allied health and volunteers.


  1. Professor Zein El Abdeen Karrar, consultant pediatrician , University of Khartoum and President of the Sudanese Medical Council, ( 00249-912133789 – )
  2. Silverman Henry, Professor of Medicine, University of Maryland, US and organizer of Middle East Research Ethics Training Initiative.

      International short assignments

I was assigned by the WHO Regional Office to Provide technical assistance to other countries in the Region. The following are the different assignments:


  1. Participated as course director & facilitator in training national programme managers for CAH on “Managing Programmes to Improve Child Health”, October 2016, Kabul. Afghanistan ( recruited by WHO/EMRO)
  2. Participated as facilitator in the Regional training on “ Home Care of the Newborn”, October 2016, Islamabad, Pakistan (recruited by WHO/EMRO).
  3. Participated as co-facilitator in the Regional training on “ managing programmes to improve child health”, November 2015, WHO/EMRO/ Cairo
  4. Member of a working group to critically review the WHO training package “ Managing child health programme” to match  the context of EMRO, Dubai, April, 2011.
  5. Development of a health cluster strategy for PHC recovery and monitoring of existing projects  in response to the flood and IDPs crisis ( Pakistan, Islamabad September –November 2010)
  6. Assisted the UNRWA in the introduction of Community Based Initiatives (CBI)  in Palestine Refugee Camps (Jordon , Amman, May 2009)
  7. Evaluation of the IMCI pre-service education at El Mansoura University (Egypt, Mansoura, June 2009)
  8. Member of the Regional working group for developing IMCI pre-service training material (2008 )
  9. Regional working group for developing the IMCI District Programme Management Guide (2007)
  10. Training of national programme managers on “sustainable health development using a community based approach (Oman, Muscat April-May 2007).
  11. Member of the Regional working group for developing the training material on the Infant & Young Child Feeding (2008)
  12. Developing training manuals and materials for community leaders on CBI and PHC (Pakistan, Islamabad, 2006).
  13. Development and testing of the IMCI pre-service Regional evaluation tool, Cairo, 2006).
  14. Monitor the progress of implementation of the Basic Development Needs –BDN-Projects implemented in Alexandria and in a sub-urban  area in Cairo and to assist the NGOs and government on developing a two  years plan for the projects, including preparing proposals for WHO support regarding Income Generating Activities (IGAs) and Social projects for the most needy families  (Cairo-Alexandria June 2002).
  15. Assessment of the Basic Development Needs –BDN-Programme implemented in Alexandria and introduction of the project in a sub-urban area in Cairo,  train two  NGOs and local government officials on management of the projects using WHO guidelines (Cairo-Alexandria September 2001).
  16. Recruited by UNICEF/ Sudan as IMCI Facilitator (STC) for the first standard case management course for Iraq (Baghdad November 1999).

      Other local assignments in collaboration with International & local Organizations

  1. Developed a Cancer Control strategy for an NGO “ Salah Wanasi Cancer Research & Control Organization” , August 2016
  2. Developed in collaboration with UNICEF & Ministries of Health and General Education, the first National School Health Strategy, March 2016.
  3. Developed the accreditation guidelines for research ethics committees, National Council for Health Research, Sudan, December 2015, WHO collaborative activity.
  4. Developed the national strategy for Sudan AIDS Network (SAN) for the control of HIV/AIDS, November 2014, Khartoum, mainly supported by UNFPA &UNAIDS.
  5. Updated the National Nutrition Strategy, Federal Ministry of Health, Sudan & WFP, February 2014
  6. Developed the WHO country cooperation strategy for Sudan, August 2013.
  7. Master trainer for the WHO course on “Transforming health systems: Gender and rights in RH in collaboration with university of Ahfad , Sudan  with direct responsibility on “health system reforms”  (  2006 to 2011)
  8. Member of the WHO Regional Team who evaluated the IMCI pre-service experience in University of Gezira, Sudan, 2010
  9. Recruited by UNICEF /Sudan to introduce IMCI In complex emergencies in Wou, Southern Sudan, 1998.



      Participation in other Regional, International Conferences and Consultation meetings:

      I have participated in several consultation Regional & international conferences that’s difficult to list. Here are few examples:


  • WHO Regional Advocacy meeting scaling up the progress towards reducing maternal & child morality to achieve the MDGs, Dubai, January 2013


  • WHO Regional meeting to prepare spot countries for scaling up the progress towards reducing maternal & child morality to achieve the MDGs, Cairo, December 2012.
  • WHO Regional consultation meeting on strategies to control HIV/AIDS within Maternal & Child health programmes, Cairo November 2012
  • WHO Regional Orientation meeting on the COIA to scale up progress towards achieving MDGs 4 & 5, Cairo, September 2012
  • WHO Regional consultation meeting on streamlining the concept of health promotion across public health programmes, (EMRO, Cairo 2005)
  • WHO-UNFPA Workshop on” Developing guidelines of Making Pregnancy Safer and family planning” (January 2005 co-presenter )
  • WHO Inter-country Meeting on ” Developing National Child Health Policies”

(Damascus – Syria July 2004 as co-paper presenter).

  • WHO meeting for principal investigators of the multi-country research on “obstetric sequelae of FGM in six African countries” (Geneva November 2004).
  • WHO Child and Adolescent Health Regional Advisors’ meeting on “Progress towards reaching MDGs” (Geneva April 2004 as paper presenter).


  • WHO Regional Consultation on “Gender Issues In Health and In the Socio-Cultural Context of EMR” ( December 2004 as paper presenter)
  • WB, WHO, Bill Gate Foundation and London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Consultation on “Reaching the disadvantaged through Global Initiatives ” ( London September 2003 as paper presenter)
  • WHO Inter-country Meeting on ” Scaling up implementation of IMCI”

(Hammamat Tunisia September 2003 as co- paper presenter).

  • WHO Inter-country Meeting on ” Developing a Regional Frame work and long term national implementation plans for improving the community component of child health” (Cairo July 2002 as paper presenter)
  • WHO Child and Adolescent Health Regional Advisors’ meeting on “Scaling up IMCI and Adolescent Activities” (Geneva April 2002).
  • WHO Regional Advisory Panel for nursing ” advanced nursing practices and nursing prescription” , (Pakistan, Bhurban,  June 2001)


  • WHO-UNICEF First Inter-country Consultation on IMCI early implementation in EMR and MENA countries (Morocco July1998 as paper presenter).
  • WHO-UNICEF Second Inter-country Consultation on IMCI training and capacity building at District level (Syria, Damascus July 1999 as paper presenter).
  • WHO Informal consultation on “Improving Performance Of PHC Health Workers, on IMCI ” , (Geneva June 2000 as paper presenter).






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