International students:-


Nile University welcomes international students to study in its various colleges.

The admission requirements for foreign students are the same as the admission requirements for Sudanese students in addition to the following conditions:


  1. Certificates are authenticated by the relevant educational and diplomatic authorities in Sudan and the student’s country.
  2. The required subjects are Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English, In addition to any two of the sciences or humanities (except for drama and music) according to the regulations of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
  3. The sponsor or guardian must sign a commitment to pay the fees and abide by the instructions of the Nile College.


Nile University provides paid hostels for students girls, in the residential neighborhoods adjacent to the University.


College USD
Medicine 7,300
Dentistry 6,000
Pharmacy 5,000
Medical Laboratory science  5,000
Nursing 3,200
Health information system 2,500
Management information system 2,000
Software engineering 2,000
Information technology 2,000
Business Management and Accenting 2,500