Welcome in Nile college web Site and especially in CIS web pages. We ensure for the visitors that, this program based on the international standards & academic excellence (ACM, IEEE, AIS and international Universities). This program will prepare graduates for a career in professional computer systems. Hence the field of computer information systems is rich in career opportunities with excellent starting salaries for qualified personnel in Corporations, government agencies, financial institutions, marketing and medical information systems.

Graduates of CIS programs are capable of producing high-level design alternatives for various organizational IT-based solutions. There are always a large number of ways to achieve a specific set of organizational capabilities using information technology, but not all of approaches are feasible in a specific context. An essential high-level capability that CIS graduates have is an ability to identify a small subset of operationally, financially, and technically feasible solution alternatives and the mechanisms through which an organization can acquire these technology resources. Most projects require reusing or building on the existing components (such as modules, reusable objects, databases, information architectures, etc.) used in the current systems, and therefore, it is essential that graduates have the capability to understand a variety of technologies and their integration.

 Dr.Nadir Kamal Salih Idries