The collage of Medical Laboratory science adopts an important vital view, which combines scientific excellence and academic accreditation through the implementation of the quality system and academic development with a clear strategic plan for the educational process.

The collage currently provides the bachelor's degree in medical laboratory sciences with different specialties;

  1. Clinical chemistry,
  2. Heamatology and immune-heamatology,
  3. Histopathology and Cytology.
  4. Parasitology and medical Entomology, and
  5. Medical Microbiology

The students will be graduate after 8 semesters or 10 semesters ( for honors) by providing students the basic information and introducing them to the techniques of the medical laboratories, which makes the students qualified to conduct tests on various laboratory samples.

The college graduates medical laboratory specialists, prepares them for the growing labor market in the country, and in various fields (hospital laboratories, private laboratories, doctors' clinics), and graduates also capable to work in research institutions.

As we enable our students to learn about the latest technology in the field of medical laboratories, we make them qualified for postgraduate studies in the world's top universities.

The collage is to undertake high-level research projects that will have the greatest impact on basic sciences and human health, especially those related to Sudanese society and public health.