Interview with Prof. Mohamed Yousif Sukkar:

We would like to know a brief history of yourself and how Nile University came to existence.

My name is Mohamed Yosif Sukkar, I was born in Wady Halfa in the extreme East Nile. I attended intermediate school in El-Obeid in the mid-west Kordofan province. I obtained my first degree at Khartoum University from faculty of medicine. I worked as a teaching assistant in department of physiology at Khartoum University. I obtained a scholarship to United Kingdom from British council at the University of Edinburg, department of physiology. Also obtained my PhD in endocrinology at the University of Edinburgh. I became a member of the medical research council, national committee for environment at national council for research. I attended several conferences on education, environment and human habitat. Thus, I became a multidisciplinary.

I furthered my research in Saudi Arabia at King AbdelAzeez University as a post graduate, where I become a member of King Abdallah Research Centre. Our research was based on miracles of the Qur’an in embryology which published in the Embryology book of MOORE.

Nile University was first projected in the year 2003, after a mutual consultation with my colleagues Prof. Abd El Rahman Musa and Prof. Ahmed M. El Hassan and others. Nile University began to make intake of students in the year 2007 with four courses. Alhamdulillah! Today, Nile University now offers eleven courses in medical, engineering and social science courses.

I have a hobby of painting. I used to attend art classes while I was in the UK after school hours. The secrete behind this is; LOVE WHAT YOU DO!

What are the visions of Nile University?

Nile University aims at dedication to community development through sound policies, provision of high quality education and service resources as well as upholding multicultural values and heritage.

What have Nile University achieved so far?

Quality education and infrastructure, Nile University was built on a professional architectural design that qualifies it to be a learning facility. Well equipped laboratories and conducive learning environment. Currently Nile University is on expansion project.

What would you say about Nigerian Students in Nile University?

Most of the Nigerian students are serious about their studies, well behaved and well dressed. This shows that the students will also represent Nile University in a good manner internationally.



Thank you sir and God Bless.

By: Hambali Abubakar Mujeli.

MB BS Class of 2019.

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