Message from the President of Nile University

By the will of Allah, we have been blessed with the promotion of Nile University. This long awaited honor would not have been possible without the will & work of our staff, students and the University administration, since 2007.

  • Our nation is now in a transition phase looking forward to the rule of law, where the truth matters & where freedom in all its forms is a right of man.
  • We look forward to stability after the “‎Youth Revolution” has succeeded in uniting the people in cities and village all over Sudan around the goals that fulful their aspirations for peace and prsperity.
  • We all know that building the country will need the stability needed for Strategic planning & development; despite the expected interference from others. We need to take care and exercise a critical view of what happens around us.
  • Unity is a priority –let us all push in the same direction. It is not difficult to agree on the goals first – then it will be easy to agree on the methods.
  • We have to keep in mind that building a nation needs more that slogans & wished. It requires strategic planning and hard work.

By the will of Allah we will overcome all difficulties and build a University of Excellence committed to building our Nation.
I extend my thanks to Professor Suliman Salih Fedail, The chairman of the University Council for his contribution to this message.

Prof. M.Y. Sukkar

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