Murals of Nile University

Within the Efforts of Nile University students’ Association’s to develop student activity inside and outside the university, the cultural secretariat Lead by the student Mubasher Hassan inaugurated the Association for drawing and arts by turning the southern and eastern walls of the university into a free space for drawing during the last two surveys.

The murals reflected university specializations, the most important features of the Sudanese map, African cultures. Different human internal content, freedom from male authority, different religions, smoking abuse, Japanese pattern of cartoons, students’ participation in leadership sit-in for the People’s Armed forces, women’s role in Sudanese revolution, Sudanese identity, doctors and arts, An honorary painting by the University President Professor Mohamed Yusif Sukkar.

This event was sponsored by the university, an estimated effort by the student Mubarak Al-Nour and the students participation from all specializations and classes, where they received the guidance from the university’s staff, thus becoming a cornerstone for the coming activities.


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