Nile college welcomed the Deputy Director of the University Of East Africa

On 11/2/2019, Nile college welcomed the Deputy Director of the University Of East Africa, Dr.Mohamed  Mahmoud  Issa, which is located in Boussato, Puntland, Somalia, and his accompanying delegation, who were greeted by the Dean of the Nile College Prof  Mohamed Yousef  Sukkar, senior management and programme coordinators within the establishing and strengthening academic relations between the two universities.

– Dr. Mohamed Mahmoud  Issa expressed their willingness to work on the aspects of mutual cooperation in terms of exchanging visits of teachers and students, scholarships in the level of undergraduate and postgraduate studies, developing scientific research methods, organizing academic meetings and conferences and developing the East African University Hospital in terms of equipment and medical staff.

– Prof. Mohammed Yousef  Sukkar Ali said that these visits are important and we hope that they will have a positive impact on the education sector to share knowledge, suggestions and experiences and stressed on the readiness of the college to work on improving the environment of education and work in both universities.

– The delegation commended the readiness of the Nile College and its high level in all aspects, wishing success and progress to the advancement of education, which is a fundamental and effective supporter of the development of nations and African particularly.

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