Participation of Nile University in International awareness Day

The Deanship of Student Affairs in cooperation with the Society of Medicine and Surgery and under the auspices of the President of the University, Salah Wansy Foundation for Research and Control of Cancer, the National Organization for Widows and Survivors held the activities of the Breast Cancer Awareness Program on Monday, 21/10/2019.

The program was attended by Dr.Aieda Hussein, a specialist in breast surgery and surgery, the coordinator of the Ministry of Health for breast tumors and a number of university staff.

The representative of the Medical and Surgery Association, Hamza Awad Al-Karim, spoke welcoming the attendants and thanked the well-being of all the participants in the program, especially Salah Wansi Foundation for Research and combating Cancer.

The program included an awareness lecture on breast cancer and prevention, motivational addresses from survivors, poetic interventions, an awareness theatre and a concert.

This initiative comes within the framework of the university’s participation in the community service and the activities of the non-classroom students, where the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, Professor AbdulRahman Mohamed Mosa, praised the students’ interaction and the out siding of the event in a distinguished form, and he thanked the participants from abroad and inside.

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