Reception for the new students

Nile University held a reception for its new students on Saturday 2/11/2019 inside its location under the auspices of the University’s President and the participation of the Dean’s faculty and staff.


The program was started by the President of the Nile University, welcoming the new students, advising them and thanking participant students. Deans of colleges also spoke about their colleges and offered an informative renunciation of the role of each college in serving the community.


The cultural program contained words from the representative of the Nile University students Association (Ola Anwar), the representative of the international students (Hambali Abu Bakr Mughili), the representative of the new students (Mohammad Kamal) and various other student contributions such as the Choir, poetry Singular singing and theater as well as the non-Sudanese presented a dance show reflecting the African heritage.


The events included tariff exhibitions for both colleges, departments, students’ Association, Al Baraka Association, and Aswat Almadina band was the final Concluding.

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