Retirement of Professor Salah Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed

Nile University held an  honoring ceremony modest in shape and deep in meaning on the occasion of the retirement of Professor Salah Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed as Vice President of the University, where a group of his colleagues and students spoke, enumerating the noble qualities and the several achievements that Professor Salah Ahmed contributed as Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Medicine / University of Khartoum, Vice-President of the National Council for Medical Specializations, Higher Education Committees, Medical Council Committees, and finally Deputy Dean of the Nile College, since it was a plan on paper nearly twenty years ago until it became a university that had a prominent place among Sudanese universities.

The ceremony was also characterized by a serenity of the atmosphere, a spirit of collegiality, and appreciation for all that the faculty members and Nile University administration are doing in terms of improving performance, bearing in mind the vision of Nile University and its mission centered around ” high quality educational & service resources as well as upholding multicultural values & heritage.”

We ask Allah to perpetuate the blessings of Salah Ahmed, both outwardly and inwardly, and to reward him with good for everything he did in establishing the university and serving the community.

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