Health caravans

– The activities of the Health Convoys Program will be launched through the Faculty of Nursing, the Department of Community Health Nursing & Mental Health Nursing on Saturday, 21/9/2019 and will last until Friday 27/9/2019.

– The caravan is the ninth of its kind, and come under the slogan of a Healthy Community.

– The program includes educational seminars, exhibitions, video shows, a free treatment day, first aid course, male circumcision, environmental sanitation and educational home visits in the Darduk, Khartoum North, Bahri area.

Caravan of Nursing college

– On Saturday, 21/9/2019, the Health Convoys Program was launched through the Faculty of Nursing (Department of Community Health and Mental Health) in the Derduk rural area – Bahri, where programs were launched welcoming by the resistance committees of Derduk and Nil University, a cadre of the Faculty of Nursing and Students, while Dr. Nahla Al-Radi spoke expressing the university’s gratitude for the good reception.

– The exhibition, which is accompanied by the cultural program, was opened by a representative of the people of the region and consisted of the following: (Community Health and Mental Health Exhibition, Gallery of the Assumption, Mother and Child Health Exhibition, Alternative Medicine Exhibition, Surgical Exodus, Religious Gallery), and a seminar on infectious and sexually transmitted diseases, which will continue until 27/9/2019.