Why Nile College

Nile College has offered educational opportunities to more than 2000 students over the last 12 years. We offer an excellent supportive environment for students.
Scholarships and Rewards
Nile College offers scholarships for excellence on admission and during the study program. Special prizes are offered at various stages of the program, as well as upon final graduation exams.
Academic Leadership
Nile College is lead by a team of professors in various disciplines who have international qualifications and experience. Their contribution to governance and curriculum planning is quite apparent as you browse through this website.
Financial Planning

For Sudanese students, tuition fees are paid upon registration and at the beginning of each semester thereafter.

Nile College Alumni

The foundation of Nile College Alumni at this early stage of the College’s development demonstrates the importance of each graduate to the student body and to Nile College as a whole. As the alumni grow in number, there will be more and more opportunities for connectivity and information-sharing among themselves as well as between alumni and current students. Alumni can be mentors for current students, helping them to find opportunities for postgraduate study and employment.