The Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry of the Pharmacy Programme at Nile College. seeks to keep and advance its national recognition and will lead the way toward effective global health care by developing innovative teaching practices for both undergraduate and graduate levels, advancing research and practice, and merging true entrepreneurial spirit with care and compassion. Preeminence in core areas will be strengthened in order to provide the foundation upon which pharmaceutical chemistry staff members can contribute to interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research that addresses societal problems. The Department will distinguish itself by its innovative and successful education of students in all fields of pharmaceutical chemistry by its major research activity and its strong cross-disciplinary, interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary collaboration both within and beyond the university.


Pharmaceutical chemistry is a core discipline within the pharmaceutical sciences. It is central in drug discovery process, mainly focusing on lead finding, lead optimization and structure activity relationship investigations, using synthetic organic chemistry, different approaches of drug design including using technologies of computer-aided drug design (CADD) as well as biochemical approaches in a transdisciplinary combination. Discovery and validation of new drug targets has also been recognized as a complementary research field, as well as state-of-the art methods of pharmaceutical imaging.

An important aspect of drug development and drug production are addressed by the pharmaceutical chemistry through the development, validation and application of methods in pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical analysis which are absolutely essential in pharmaceutical quality management.

The Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the Pharmacy Programme, Nile College fosters a learning-centered, research-oriented educational environment that encourages individuals to make positive lifelong contributions to national and global health. We prepare professional degree students to provide compassionate pharmacist-delivered patient care, and inspire our students through innovative problem-based learning, rich experiential curriculum, and inter-professional collaboration. We foster a community of scholars who will further the body of knowledge in pharmaceutical, biomedical, and health sciences. We strive to improve quality of life locally, nationally, and globally.

The two divisions (medicinal chemistry and pharmaceutical analysis) which constitute the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry represent a wide range of research fields in drug discovery, drug development, drug production and drug quality control and quality assurance. Based on this broad research expertise, there is a continuing, strong commitment to top-quality academic teaching, ensuring that the graduates, from both undergraduate and postgraduate programs, will always be recognized as the experts in health care aspects and in drug discovery design,, development, production, quality and utilization.

The department provides an innovative educational environment where students learn to be independent pharmacists and scientifically literate citizens. Its undergraduate and postgraduate programs are designed to help students understand how pharmaceutical chemistry knowledge is acquired and transmitted and to produce graduates with a deep understanding of various pharmaceutical concepts, with clear, problem-solving mind and an enduring passion to learn more.

Shared Beliefs and Values

A shared set of beliefs and values underline department’s common sense of mission and provide a foundation for its vision for the future of the department.

The department believes that:

  • Pharmaceutical chemistry is a central science in pharmacy education, uniquely positioned to address problems of great importance to the profession, economy and public policy that play a crucial role in developing interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research thrust areas.
  • An understanding of pharmaceutical phenomena at atomic/molecular level is valuable and intellectually satisfying.
  • Chemistry literate society will be better able to make informed decisions about health, economic, environmental and public policy issues.

The department values:

  • Excellence in teaching and research activities.
  • Creativity in generating new knowledge in pharmaceutical sciences.
  • Supportive, safe and healthy learning and working environment for students, staff members and administrative staff to work together in a cooperative and collaborative manner.
  • Staff members with diverse research interests that uniquely positions the department to respond to changing research opportunities.
  • Integrity in all aspects of the department’s activities; not only adhering to the highest standards of moral and ethical values but striving to build an understanding of ethical practice among our undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Accountability for policies, procedures and actions undertaken by staff members, students and administration in the department.
  • Service to the local and global community.