Promotion of human health through safe, efficacies & affordable pharmaceuticals interactions.


To develop world class pharmacy graduates with capability and competencies to meet national pharmaceutical challenges & patient cure needs, the mission of department of pharmaceutics is to educate & mentor student to:

  • Become excellent pharmacists with area of pharmaceutical compounding and drug product development.
  • Acquire the practical sheets necessary for small & medium scale manufacture of pharmaceutical products in the Lab
  • Be aware of the immunological basis of disease & understand immunotherapy on an aspect of pharmaceutical sciences.
  • Contribute to the pursuits of knowledge by contributes meaningfully in the area of pharmaceutical research.


  • To provide the pharmacy student with requisite knowledge, technical &scientific skills for appropriate development of therapeutic substance.
  • To inoculate in pharmacy graduate the spirit of profeniona thatrice From the basis for integrate multi-disciplinary approach to patient care in their practice of pharmacy .
  • To ensure that the student upper graduate and appreciate & demonstrate the importance & significance of research in advancing pharmaceutical care & developing sustainable life , long learning Habits.
  • To establish collaborating links with other schools of pharmacy for the promotion of mutual academic & research goals.