About the Department

  • Pharmacology (in Greek: pharmacon is drug, and logos is science) is the science concerned with all aspects of the action of drugs and other chemicals on living systems. Pharmacology provides insights into key areas of health and disease, including the discovery of new therapeutic targets, the mechanisms whereby drugs elicit responses in cells, and the nature of side-effects of drugs.
  • Pharmacology is the multidisciplinary science bringing together several biomedical sciences such as physiology, biochemistry, pathology and cell biology to create a comprehensive framework for understanding and treating diseases.
  • Pharmacology is one of principal disciplines of pharmacy, is also required by other medical programs such as Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry,….etc in which the Pharmacology Department at Nile College collaborate with these programs for teaching pharmacology modules and supervising student projects


  • To be recognized for excellence in pharmacology research and teaching globally and beyond, also to produce highly qualified and knowledgeable pharmacy graduates skilled in field of pharmacology so that they can serve the society with ultimate goal of improving human health.


  • To provide top quality academic teaching in terms of fundamental principles of pharmacology, as well as contemporary drug-based therapies to treat various medical problems to undergraduate pharmacy students. With regards to the practical training and research activities in the department our mission is to conduct high impact research that improves pharmacy student’s understanding of drug actions-from molecular mechanisms to clinical translations.

Department Values:

  • High standards of scientific research and teaching.
  • Interdisciplinary research and team work.
  • Ongoing career development for all pharmacists.