About the Programme:
Physiology is central in medicine and related health sciences .It describes the normal functions of the different part of the body. It also describe how human body is designed to resist changes in external environment .this knowledge is vital to grasp the pathological changes in diseases and how can they be managed to bring back the normal state. It is also needed to know where and how medicines will act.

Message from the Head of the Department:

Physiology is best taught in an integrated problem oriented way. In this college it is fully integrated with basic sciences and its relevance to clinical application is highly emphasized. All clinical departments participate in the programme to reflect this.

Curriculum of the department:
Physiology teaching is integrated within modules in semester 2-6 of the medical curriculum. Different instruction methods are used including lectures, tutorials, problem solving sessions, seminars, assignments and practical.
Physiology in MBBS Programme:
Semester 2
Human Biology (BIO 121)
Semester 3
Homeostasis (HOM 212)
Blood and Immune (IMM 214)
Cardiovascular 1 (CVS 213)
Semester 4
Cardiovascular 11 (CVS 222)
Respiratory system (RES 223)
Musculoskeletal System (MSC 224)
Semester 5
Endocrine system (END 312)
Renal system (REN 314)
Digestive system (GIT 312)
Central nervous system (CNS 313)
Semester six
Human reproduction (REP 322)
The special senses (SPS 323)

Special Human Physiology courses are offered to the following degrees
Physiology in Dentistry
Semester two
Physiology 1
Semester three
Physiology 11
Physiology in Pharmacy
Semester 1
Physiology 1
Semester two
Physiology 11
Physiology in Laboratory sciences
Semester 11
Physiology in Nursing
Semester 11

Programme Staff:
Professor Mohammed Yousif Sukkar
Professor Amal Mahmoud Saeed
Doctor Aamir Ali Ahmad, Assistant professor
Doctor Rehab Mustafa Hassan Badi, Assistant professor
Doctor Magbola Mamoun, Assistant professor
Doctor Nisreen Daffa Alla Omer, Assistant professor
Doctor Ahmad Abdul Gadir, Lecturer

Research activities:
The staff of the department is conducting research in different fields that include: Nutrition, Pathophysiology of endemic diseases, Endocrinology, Cardiology and Nervous system.

Programme activities:
The department staff participates actively in the graduation ceremony and exhibition associated with it.
The department also participates effectively in the national exhibitions and conferences for higher education

Partnerships and external relations:
Members of the department of physiology participate as consultants in activities of the other universities and Sudan Medical Council and Ministry of Higher Education.
As a new college we are in our way to establish connections and partnership with other International institutes.

Contact information:
Professor Amal Mahmoud Saeed
Head of the department