Admissions Regulations

Regulations for Admission and Registration


  1. In accordance with Article (17) item (5) of the foundation ordinance 2008 of the Nile College, the Academic Board issued these regulations which shall be titled: “Regulations for admission and Registration”


  1. Conditions of Admission and Registration
    • The admission committee shall examine the document provided by the applicant for admission and shall make sure that the application meets the requirements and conditions referred to in the regulations.
    • Students shall complete the procedures for registration within two weeks from the date of announcement of their admission in the College. Failure to register within the prescribed period will deprive the applicant from admission unless otherwise decided by the admission committee.
    • A student, who fails to complete his registration procedures within the advertised period, may apply to the admission committee that may recommend him for registration provided that there are vacancies.
    •  A student who has been absent from the College for a period of more than one semester for unacceptable reasons or approved suspension of registration, shall be dismissed from the College.
    • The programme committee may propose any special requirements for admission provided that these proposals do not conflict with the general admission regulations.


  1. Registration procedures:
  • The admission committee shall be responsible for the selection of students nominated for admission by the central admission office at the ministry of higher education in accordance with the following rules:
  1. Payment of the registration and tuition fees.
  2. Completion and signature of the registration form and any other relevant documents related to it.
  3. Signature of an undertaking to abide by the rules and regulations of the College.
  4. Payment of any deposits or any other fees required by the College.
  5. Undergoing a medical examination and the interview carried out by the selection board.
  6. Students dismissed from the College for academic or any other reasons will not be allowed for readmission.
  • Students of post-preliminary years are registered according to the following procedure:
  1. Pass in all subjects of the previous year.
  2. Full payment of fees for the previous year.
  3. Payment of the registration fees of the first semester of the year considered for registration.


  1. Suspension of registration:

Under special circumstances the Academic Board may approve the suspension of registration of a student for not more than two semesters provided that:

  1. An application indicating the reasons is submitted to Academic Board.
  2. Payment of the registration fees.
  3. If the application was rejected, the admission committee shall inform the student in writing with a copy to the registrar of the College.


  1. Admission to post-preliminary years:

The admission committee may recommend admission of students at the post-preliminary classes in accordance with the following terms:

  1. Availability of vacancies.
  2. Completion of the application forms set by the admission committee for this purpose. The admission committee shall decide on the tuition fees for each applicant.
  3. The admission committee shall accept or reject the application and shall decide on the appropriate class to be joined by the candidate.
  4. Applicants should satisfy the following conditions:
    1. The candidate has not been dismissed from any other university for misconduct.
    2. The school certificate of the applicant should meet the requirements for admission.
    3. The application should reach the admission office in the College within the prescribed period.
    4. The candidate must have passed his final examinations in all subjects for the equivalent class and has been promoted to the higher class.
    5. The previous courses attended by the applicant should be of equivalent status to the courses of the same level applied for at Nile College.
    6. The applicant must have completed at least one academic year in a specialization corresponding to the specialization applied for.
    7. Attachment of the Sudan school certificate or its equivalent and the academic record in the previous university, with the application form.
    8. The minimum residence requirement for the transferred students shall not be less than 50% of the time prescribed for the award of the degree.
    9. The applicant shall be required to undergo a medical examination and shall be subjected to an interview by the selection board.


  1. General Rules:
  1. The College shall abide by the admission regulations and policies set out by the general administration for admission at the Ministry of Higher education and research.
  2. Conditions for admission include:
    1. Nomination by the general administration for admission or eligibility for direct admission by the admission committee of the College subject to final approval by the admission administration at the Ministry of Higher education and research.
    2. The admission committee of the College may require the study of more complementary material by the candidate as a condition for final acceptance.
  3. Provision of wrong or misleading information will deprive the applicant from joining the College.
  4. The physical presence of the applicant is required for the completion of the registration procedures at the place and time scheduled by the College. Under very special circumstances the Registrar, in consultation with the chairman of the admission committee may allow the extension of the registration period for the nearest possible time.