Software Engineering (SE)


Nile University will offer a practically-oriented curriculum that spans eight semesters. Main subject area includes software engineering (SE), with special emphasis to Communication and proficiency in the English Language.
SE has high priority in modern society, and it has been incorporated into many areas to help create strong and competitive organizations. The aim of the B.Sc. in SE is to educate & train graduates with a solid base in the areas of SE and the applications of computer science.

Career options

This program based on the international standards & academic excellence (ACM, IEEE, AIS and international Universities). This program wills prepare graduates for a career in professional software engineering. The field of software engineering is rich in career opportunities with excellent starting salaries for qualified personnel. Corporations, government agencies, financial institutions, marketing, hospitals and retail organizations, and small firms require the services of computer applications specialists, computer programmers, and software engineering technicians.
The spectrum of courses offered has been designed by experts with wide experience both locally and abroad base on the international society (ACM, IEEE, and AIS). Graduates will be prepared for postgraduate studies with particular focus on global markets.