About the department:

The department goals:

1- To equip the graduates with the necessary knowledge about surgery that they will need to care for surgical patients.

2- To build the desire and basic skills in the graduate to peruse a more advanced career in surgery.

3- To implant the feeling of responsibility for patient care and know the value of human life.

4- To stir the eagerness of future involvement in research.

Main areas of study covered:

1- Basic and advanced clinical skills.
2- How to care for surgical patients and reach a correct diagnosis.
3- How to treat the common surgical conditions.
4- How to preserve the life of a patient in critical conditions .

Department staff:

I- Mohamed Osman Mohamed Suliman, MD, Head department, associate professor.

Published research:

1- Suliman MOM, Recurrent retroperitoneal lipoma masquerading femoral hernia. Medicine and Medical Sciences, 2015; 1(1): 005-006.
2- Suliman MOM, Taenia saginata anchored to the duodenum presenting with haematemesis in a healthy adult male. World j surg med radiat oncol 2015;4:7-9.
3- Suliman MOM, Complete migration of a biliary stent into the gallbladder. International research journal of surgery, 2015; 2(1): 009-010.
4- Alagib Abdalateef Ibrahim, Mutaz Salah Abdelaziz, Elsagad Eltayeb, Mohamed OM Suliman and Tarig Mohamed Hussein, MAM Ibnouf and Abdelmagid Mohamed Masaad.   Trends of gastric malignancies: Case Study at Ibn Sina hospital 2010-2011. Sudan JMS, 2012; 7(2): 117-123.
5- Ibrahim Osman Abuzaid, MAM Ibnouf, Abdelmagid Mohamed Masaad, Mutaz Salah Abdelaziz, Elsagad Eltayeb, Mohamed OM Suliman and Tarig Mohamed Hussein. Surgical management of of choledocholithiasis: Early report of postoperative non-randomized study-Ibn Sina specialist hospital 2010-2011. NMJ, 2011;1(2):126-136.
6- Hamid Elhadi Mohamed Ahmed, Mutaz Salah Abdelaziz, Elsagad Eltayeb, Mohamed OM Suliman, TaM Ibnouf and Abdelmagid Mohamed Masaad. Gastro-intestinal surgical outcome in elderly patients at Ibn Sina hospital Dec 2010-Jun 2011. Al Neelain medical journal, 2010; 3(1):51-57.
7- Hassan Bashir Ali, MAM Ibnouf, Abdelmagid Mohamed Masaad, Mutaz Salah Abdelaziz, Elsagad Eltayeb, Mohamed OM Suliman and Tarig Mohamed Hussein. Surgical Site infection after cholecystectomy in Ibn Sina hospital. Al Neelain medical journal, 2010; 3(1):58-64.
8- Nasreeldeen Adam Ali, Abdalmonim Eltayeb, Tarig Mohamed Hussein, Mohamed Osman Mohamed Suliman, Bahauldeen Gasm Elseed and MOM Ibnouf, Audit of ERCP at Ibn Sina hospital from 2009-2010. Sudan JMS, 2010; 5(4): 243-246.
9- Suliman MOM, Primary prevention and management of variceal bleeding: Review of historical evidence. Sudan JMS, 2008; 3(1): 49-61.
10- Suliman MOM, Publication Voting Power (PVP): Method of finding Evidence-Support. Sudan JMS, 2007; 2(4): 241-244.
11- Suliman MOM, The effect of seasonal cerebro-spinal meningitis on the incidence of hydrocephalus in Sudanese children. Sudan JMS, 2006; 1(2): 36-39.
A book titled:
12- The surgical patient: History and Clinical Examination.

Research interest and activities:

1- Gastro-intestinal (GIT) cancer as reflected by the patients presenting to Ibn Sina especialist hospital:
* Is there any increase in the icidence of (GIT) cancer in Sudan?
* Is there any increase in the icidence of (GIT) cancer in children in Sudan?
There is a general feeling that the incidence of GIT cancer in Sudan is increasing. The research aims to look into this point as reflected in Ibn Sina Hospital by comparing the case load between those in early ninteen eighties and after 2010.
Also there are a number of very young children who had colonic and other GIT cancers, the youngest was twelve years old. This research has to be in cooperation with the Ministry of health statistics.

II- Leena Elmikashfi, MD, Assisstant professor
III- Abdalla Abdel Rahman, MD, Assisstant professor
IV- Fatma Abbas Habeeb Allah, MD, Assisstant professor
V- Mohamed Hafez Abdel Ghani, MD, Assisstant professor
VI- Amjad Mohamed Salih, MD, Assisstant professor
VII- Mohamed El Fateh, MBBS, Teaching Assisstant

External relations:

The department has ten part-time staff from other universities and the Ministry of Health, who are experienced surgeons. They take students for clinical ward rounds. This forms an important link with other departments of surgery from other universities and the Ministry of health. The students are exposed to different tutors from different institutes that lead to enrichment of their knowledge.

Department activities:

1- Lectures.
2- Tutorials.
3- Seminars.
4- Hospital clinical rounds.

a- Staff:
1- Routine hospital activities e.g. word rounds, out-patient,
2- Weekly and monthly activities e.g. discharge, mortality, case
presentations, clinical audits etc…
3- Departmental and inter-departmental meetings.

b- Students:
1- Supervised Hospital emergency attachments.
2- Presentations Surgical case studies.

Resources & Links

1- HINARI: www.who.int/hinari/faq/general_information/en/
This a WHO site for research and publication access. It needs a code number from an institute.
2- Centre for health evidence: http://www.cche.net
The following is copied from their site:
(The Centre for Health Evidence (CHE) is a not-for-profit organization based at the University of Alberta. We are dedicated to helping health organizations and associations find and apply best evidence in daily practice. We work on a project basis, and use a variety of communication and information technologies to create decision support tools and services).
3- Cochrane library: http://www.thecochranelibrary.com/view/0/index.html
This is a site for different types of researches. It needs subsription.
4- Medscape Reference: Diseases & Conditions: emedicine.medscape.com/
The following is copied from their site:
The  Medicine point-of-care clinical reference features up-to-date,
searchable, peer-reviewed medical articles organized in specialty-focused textbooks.
5- NCBI PubMed: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed

Contact information:

Dr. Mohamed Osman Mohamed Suliman, Associate professor, Head department.

E- mail: mohamed.o.mohamed@nileuniversity-edu.com