Time Alone

This is a strange title for a science student, or any student for that matter. It does not relate to science directly but it relates to life in general. If you ask what is the most important habit of successful people?, many would say “TIME MANAGEMENT “and most would stop there. To manage time you need “Time Alone”. Time alone means you cut out all distracters.

Most of the time distractors are people. If you are with people you cannot plan your time utilization. Another big distractor is modern communication media. Although very useful for contemporary life-styles, they impinge on your alone-time. Unless, of course, you are using your computer or i-phone for checking your “to do list

There are three things which you CANNOT DO unless you are really alone and able to concentrate. Number one is the task of “planning”. Planning, simply put, means setting goals and why you need to go there. Number two is that you need time alone to ”think” about your plan/s and to refine them eg. how much time do I need? What resources are necessary,? How do I know my plan is going well? and many other similar questions.  Number three is the task of carrying out the steps, tasks, or activities set out in your plan and evaluate each step of the way.

If your do not have “Time Alone” you will always be an “item” in other peoples social, entertainment,  or even work plans. It leaves you without a plan and therefore you do not need time management. And if a person is without a plan, them they do not know what they want to do in life will be surprised with either failure or catastrophies they could not foresee.

Time alone has become a necessity in today’s life styles; when one has to resist a multitude of distracters. We all know that if we need to do something badly enough we make time to think it out.



Prof. M. Y. Sukkar