Nile University offers educational opportunities to Graduates and more than 2000 enrolled students over the last 12 years. We offer a healthy, supportive and disciplined environment for staff and students.

Nile University Faculties offer Degrees struchered according to international standards. This allows Graduates to register for Postgraduate studies in international Universities & Professional Colleges. Our graduates have already registered in the US, Canada & the United kingdom.

Academic Learship

Nile University is lead by a team of professors in various disciplines who have international qualifications and experience. Their contribution to governance and curriculum planning is apparent as you browse through this website.

Nile University Alumni

The foundation of Nile University Alumni at the early stage of the University’s development demonstrates the importance of each graduate to the student body and to Nile University as a whole for mutual benefits.

As the alumni grow in number, there will be more and more opportunities for connectively and information-sharing among members as well as between alumni, current students and Nile University.

Alumni can be mentors for current students, helping them to find opportunities for postgraduate studies and employment. Nile University will rely on its alumni to contribute to future plans and development. We envite all graduates to register in “Nile University Alumni Association” For more information contact Uz Fatima Abdalla at: